I have seen people fixing appointments at one time but meeting 1 or 2 hours late. I get irritated when people keep me waiting for them. I always ask my wife to get ready in time and not to keep others wait for us in anyway. Time is valuable whether we wait for somebody or somebody waits for us.

Now, when it comes to deadlines for our assignments how prompt are we to finish it! In corporate sectors we have to do it on time or else there’s a repercussion to it. But in NGO sectors we take deadlines for granted as the consequences are not harsh enough to stir us or give us a sense of fear. However, we need to remember that we might suffer loss in the long run if we don’t value the importance of time.

Time is vital for developing a healthy work culture at all the work places or in any areas of life. So keep to time.

Stay Blessed!

— Chiradeep