Seven is a number which we find in many aspects of life. There are few facts about 7 which I am going to mention as under:

7 was considered a God number in ancient Egypt. I don’t know the reason behind it but after the creation God rested from the creation work on the 7th day and made it holy.

We all know there are total 7 days in a week. Just imagine if we add or subtract 1 day then we won’t be able to know when the winter will come and when the summer will go. The timings of much awaited monsoon will be disturbed. I realised it today as I was thinking about this number, ‘7.’

There are 7 colours in a rainbow. These are the major colours which make this world colourful as they do to a rainbow.

There are 7 basic scales or notes of music. In Indian music we know them as ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni’ then we go to the next level of scale, higher or lower octave.

Seven depicts completeness and perfection, whether it’s a week or colours or music. All are just so perfect because the Creator God of them is so perfect. He has created you, a complete you too. Do you ever feel incomplete? Ask Him to make you whole and feel complete.

I will research more on this number ‘7’ some other time. Hey, why don’t you try to research on it yourself?

By the way, the fun part is, we are in the 7th month of the year 2015 now. And the total number of members in CANDLES ONLINE is 7 including me, which can increase though. We chose to talk and interact with you for all 7 days of a week. We decided to publish once in 7 days at 7 PM in the evening.

Isn’t it fun!

Keep reading, keep interacting. God bless you!